Maintenance Planning Services

Risk Assessments and Maintenance Planning

Legislation requires that all plant and equipment must have a risk assessment carried out at least every 5 years.

Maintenance Planning Services can  facilitate these assessments with ratings given based on likelihood and severity, specialising in the food and beverage industry.

Employers have an obligation under the occupational health and safety regulations 2001 to identify any foreseeable hazards that may arise in the workplace and to assess the risk of harm arising from the identified hazards. Employers then have an obligation to eliminate the hazards. If this is not reasonably practicable then they must control the risks by implementing measures to lessen the risk of harm to the lowest possible level.

Maintenance Planning Services can assist in identifying these hazards by carrying out thorough risk assessments. Any risk identified must be assessed considering the following factors

i) Identifying factors that may be contributing to the risk.

ii) Review health and safety information that is reasonably available from an authorative source and is relevant to the particular hazard.

iii) Evaluate the likelihood of an injury occurring and the likely severity of an injury or illness that may occur.

iv) Identify the actions necessary to eliminate or control the risk.

v) Identify records that it is necessary to keep to ensure that risks are eliminated or controlled.