Asset Maintenance – Maintenance Planning – Asset Maintenance

Maintenance PlanningIn today’s manufacturing world where equipment reliability is crucial in achieving business goals, good maintenance planning is essential to maximise that reliability.

Your equipment criticality needs to be determined based on probability and consequence so the correct preventative and predictive maintenance can be applied.

Maintenance planning services can set up the following asset maintenance processes for you…

Predictive Maintenance. Oil analysis, condition monitoring (vibration analysis), NDT, Thermography, and ultra sound.

Preventative Maintenance . Lubrication program, sensory inspections (look, listen, feel), periodic component replacement

Plant Maintenance Optimisation. Analysis of all your existing PM tasks to ensure that the current tasks are addressing existing or dominant failure modes.

Equipment Critical Spares Analysis. Ensure that you are carrying the correct spares to ensure minimal downtime when breakdowns occur, as well as ensuring that capital is not unnecessarily tied up in carrying spares that are not required or easily accessible in breakdown situations.

Each component of an asset has to be analysed to determine the impact on the asset should it fail, any component that can cause failure to the asset should be readily available should it be required ,these components can be set up as stock or non-stock parts, depending on cost and availability.

Work Management System.  Ensure that your planning and maintenance scheduling systems are set up correctly and operating effectively by applying a work mangement audit system that measures your performance on an on going basis.

If you are spending the majority of your maintenance effort scheduling in reactive tasks then your maintenance costs are high. If you can spend the majority of your maintenance effort scheduling planned maintenance activities you will lower your maintenance costs and have more reliable production plant. Worlds best practice maintenance planning can ensure that this occurs

The approach to equipment criticality relies on identifying equipment criticality based on the impact that equipment failure has on production. The failure modes (Understanding the Failure Mode is fundamental in any RCM or FMEA based process) that cause breakdowns are identified and the necessary planned maintenance to address the failures are specified. The required frequency to perform the planned maintenance activity is set so that it is carried out before a failure occurs.